Are you looking for new aluminium windows in Perth? Are you unsure where to begin in your quest? Glass Services WA can help. We know what makes for a quality aluminium window, why they are popular, and where to turn for installation help. Here is a short buyer’s guide for finding the best aluminium windows for your Perth home.

Why Buy Aluminium Windows?

Ask anyone who is in the business of home building or renovation and they will tell you how popular aluminium windows are. Aluminium is a strong, enduring metal that has many uses. It can be painted easily and looks great in nearly any colour. It doesn’t rust. It also scores quite well on fire ratings and is incredibly energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It has the highest recycling rate among the most popular building metals.

Did you know, though, that there are different types of aluminium windows? Which one is best for you?

Styles of Aluminium Windows


This type is the most popular window style, for a multitude of reasons. Some of these include:

  •        Easily seals out dirt, drafts, water, and dust
  •        Simple cleaning and maintenance of tracks
  •        Flyscreens have a high safety performance
  •        Provides ventilation without sacrificing security

Sliding aluminium windows look great in almost any home, but especially one where the residents like to open the windows to enjoy a soothing outside breeze.


This type of window is a subset of sliding styles, but provides more versatility and flexibility – and looks quite neat. They are positioned in “layers” and stacked in multiples, hence the name. One front panel, which is fixed, may have two or more panels settled behind it when the windows are opened. These panels lock together so that when one panel slides, another is pulled behind. This enables different ends of the windows to open as they slide.

Multi-stack windows present many benefits for Perth homes, including:

  •        Cost effective option as they come as one cohesive set
  •        They are quite slim and stack together even when open
  •        Flyscreens are usually included with the unit

Bifold windows are usually rather large, and it’s been said many times that opening up a set of bifold aluminium windows can really open up a space, giving it an “airy” or light feeling. They are set up a bit like an accordion, and they are top hung, which is an important aspect to consider. Due to the nature of their set up, they provide a great connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Still, they lock quite securely to provide safety.

These windows can:

  •        Make a room appear and feel much larger
  •        Create an open space for indoor and outdoor to blend
  •        Lock securely in place when not in use

Awning windows are top hung as well but from the outside of the home. They open outward, away from the wall. These are best suited for higher walls and for areas with rainy weather, and they are incredibly easy to operate.

  •        Attached from the outside
  •        Open with a simple crank
  •        Great for bathrooms or kitchens
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