When you are having a contractor do any kind of work on your house it is important to do your research, especially when you are replacing windows and doors. It is important that you survey your contractor and their company before you agree to making major changes to your home. It could cost you if you don’t know what you are signing up for.

If you are looking to change the windows and doors of your home, here are some basic questions you should ask.

Do You Have any References?

If the contractor that you are speaking to seems hesitant to give you any references about previous jobs, you should probably take that as a major red flag for the business itself. With something as important as the windows and doors in your home, it is crucial that you do your research on the company’s prior work.

At Glass Services WA, we will not hesitate to introduce you to some of our satisfied customers. We are more than happy to show you references and testimonies, so you know our work is of the highest standard

Are Aluminium Windows and Doors Durable?

It is also very important to ask your contractor how durable these aluminium windows and doors are. Aluminium windows have proven to be more durable than vinyl windows, and more environmentally friendly.

As for the doors, aluminium is usually a great choice because unlike many other metals, aluminium does not become weaker when the temperature drops.

Your contractor should be able to explain all of the benefits and disadvantages to aluminium doors and windows in your home.

What Will Happen if Structural Issues Occur?”

You should ask what will happen if something were to go wrong in order to see the planning that is involved in a contractor installing your aluminium windows or a sliding door.

Having a general idea of what will happen if something unexpectedly goes wrong when you open up the walls to your home will help you prepare for that future and also to find the best contractor for the job.

What About Cleanup?

Projects involving installing aluminium or sliding doors or aluminium windows will usually get pretty dusty. By asking what the contractor’s cleaning process is, you will have a better understanding of what to expect while work is in progress and also you will be able to weed out the contractors who have disorganised or messy construction habits.

Some contractors will do what is called a “construction clean”, which is generally just a quick sweep of the area, and others will do a “deep clean” that will leave the construction area even cleaner than when they found it.

When you are doing any kind of renovation on your home, it is necessary to have a great contractor to get the job done. After all, we have all heard (and maybe experienced) contractor horror stories that make us never want to have any work done on our homes.

Although there are many glass companies in Perth alone that have the installation of aluminium doors, windows, and sliding doors in their list of services, these questions can help in vetting the weaker contractors out of your final decision.

If you have any more questions about aluminium doors and windows, let GSWA help. Contact us today for more information!