Sliding doors in Perth are an extremely common part of households. They usually lead to an outside area or separate a sunroom from the rest of the house. Because of this, they are used very frequently, and therefore mean that the door rollers can quickly wear out.

Door roller breaks are a blight that affect many Australia homes, from sticking to completely coming off the tracks. Don’t worry if this sounds like your sliding doors. Our team at Glass Services WA is happy to give you tips on how to fix those pesky door rollers.

Let’s Go Step-by-Step: Getting Started

The task of replacing door rollers is relatively simple but you might need another person’s help. At max, you will be spending an hour replacing these so keep that in mind before going in. Take out a chunk of time where you aren’t busy to fix the door instead of trying to rush.

Step 1: Door Removal

Since a sliding door consists of one moving door and one stationary door, you will need to remove the door that does not move. This is because most of these doors cannot be removed from the inside.

In order to remove the stationary door, simply remove the screws at the bottom and have a helper hold it from the outside and pull until it is out of the frame. Make sure to move the roller wheels up and into the sliding side. This allows you to lift the door up and remove it.

Step 2: Putting it All in Frame

You need to take out the frame next. Again, remove the screws on the sliding door with a screwdriver. There should be a few on either side to remove. This allows you to take out the bottom section of the frame and the old wheels.

Step 3: Install a New Set of Rollers

This is the easy part. Take your new set of rollers (you should have made sure that the wheels match the dimensions of your door frame) and place them on the bottom of the door frame. Put the bottom part of the frame over the wheels and screw everything into place again.

Step 4: Good as New

Make sure you put the bottom part of the sliding door in the track. To do this you simply lift the rollers attached to the sliding door into the frame’s bottom. Fit the top to the track as well. You want to adjust the new rollers all the way up, so they don’t mess up putting the sliding door back in place.

After this you can put the stationary door back in place (bottom first) and re-screw everything to stabilise it.

Need Help Replacing Faulty Sliding Door Rollers?

This project can be done without professional help, but it is potentially dangerous and could lead to serious injury. You must always have another person to help in case something goes wrong.

If you are looking for a team of high-quality workers to fix your sliding door rollers, call Glass Services WA today.