Custom & double glazing

Double glazing adds an extra layer of security and insulation to your property as well as providing relief from the sun, wind and noise. Double glazing is becoming increasingly popular in Perth and around Australia due to its ability to keep the warmth in, and the harsh summer heat out. This can save home owners significant amounts of money on heating and cooling costs over time.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing uses two or more glass panels with sealed air space between them. The air sitting in between the glass panels acts as an insulator and reduces the transfer of hot and cold air from outside to inside. This ensures the home can be kept cool or warm, as needed. Double glazing is also an attractive aesthetic option for the home.

Double glazing in Perth

Glass Services WA are experienced in custom built double glazing products in a range of sizes for a variety of environments. Our custom window systems can be fitted to all types and shapes of spaces. As time passes, buildings may shift and move resulting in poorly fitting windows. We achieve the best results for you by creating a custom window for your building.

Our glass products for double glazing are sourced from the best in the business, and we lead the market in glass technology and toughened glass, with a huge range of products we can offer our clients. You can check the energy efficiency of each of our products on the WERS website here.

We also provide ThermalHEART products, a double-glaze inspired door and window to assist in temperature control of your home.

Our double glazing products are versatile, built to last, and a sound investment in your home:

  • Double glazing helps to increase the energy efficiency of the building
  • Double glazing adds an extra layer of safety from the outside world
  • Double glazing acts as a sound barrier to provide peace in the home
  • Maximum panel size is dependent on glass product
  • Double glazed windows can be fortified with tinted layers and extra layers for added protection
  • Add extra value to your home with double glazed windows


  • Spacer thickness – 6-20mm
  • Spacer finishes – Black anodised or mill finish

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