Pet Doors

Our range of standard and custom built pet doors will let your little buddy have free access to the outside area. With a variety of finishes, colors, and sizes to choose from, and we can match your pet door to your existing door or window, or build you a completely new, custom pet door.

Premium Pet Door Installation in Perth

Our expert team can come out quick, and have your new pet door installed hassle-free and fast. All our pet door products are tried and tested, and come with a guarantee on quality, safety of your pet, and longevity of workmanship. Our dog and cat doors are durable, and can handle whatever your pet has to throw at them!

Types of pet doors: 
Glass pet doors – Can be fitted straight into the glass door or window
Screen pet doors – Can be fitted to the screen door or screen window
Custom Pet doors – We’ll match your pet door to your needs
Timber pet doors – We can affix a pet door straight into your timber door frame

We can fit your pet door without removing your existing door. Our pet doors feature a locking mechanism which allows you to have ultimate control over your pets’ access. Glass Services WA pet doors are also fully removable and cleanable with warm soapy water.

Remember: Before deciding on the size and shape (rectangular or round) of your pet door, make sure your cat or dog is fully grown or you have accounted for their future growth. We can also supply spare parts to those who have already installed pet doors.

Pet door sizing ranges:
140mm W x 145mm H
180mm W x 170mm H
240mm W x 190mm H
285mm W x 250mm H

We can install pet doors in any Perth suburb. Our pet door product brands include Transcat and Petway, which are two highly regarded and trusted brands in the industry.

Contact us today on 08 9358 3143 to grab a free quote and get a pet door installed in no time.



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