Shower Screens

Bathroom design can impact the look and feel of the entire home. Glass Services WA ensures that we stay on top of the latest designs coming to market from leading shower screen supplier Pivotech. This is Australia’s leading glass supply brand, for all of your shower and bathroom glass needs.

We also provide Enduro Shield glass protection. This innovative glass coating, grout sealer, and stainless steel coating, creates an ultra-long lasting invisible shield on these surfaces. Suitable for all glass, tile, grout, stainless steel and chrome surfaces, Enduro Shield significantly reduces cleaning time and frequency, meaning you can focus on the important things you want to do. EnduroShield is a surface treatment for glass that is both water AND oil repellent. We will apply this after installation, and is suitable for all indoor and outdoor glass surfaces, including new or existing shower doors, mirrors, windows, doors, railings and splashbacks.

Shower screens to suit any bathroom style

Glass Services WA supplies only the highest quality product to our clients, both to builders and to direct consumers. Our shower screens are an investment in the design of your home, whatever style you choose available in our range of frames.

  • Evolution Semi-frameless
  • Slider series
  • Bath panels
  • Phoenix
  • Dimension fully-framed
  • Frameless shower screens
  • Momentum semi-frameless

Whether you are refreshing your bathroom, getting rid of that sticky mouldy shower curtain, building a new home, or fitting out an office bathroom, Glass Services WA can help to supply and install your new shower screens in Perth.

Contact us today on 08 9358 3143 to grab a free quote on your shower screen now.

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