Wardrobes should complement the room, be unobtrusive, and practical for storage. We use Pivotech wardrobes as a supplier of top quality sliding glass wardrobe products for our clients in Perth. These wardrobe systems are practical, beautiful, durable, and trouble-free. They are also smart wardrobe systems with storage solutions that are both classic and contemporary.

Our wardrobes are slim-lined and run on a track, with hidden handles and a wide-range of colours and finishes available. We offer traditional glass, as well as coloured glass and timber finishes to suit your rooms. Available in standard colors, frames, and panel types.

Wheels and tracks on our wardrobes are designed with simplicity in mind, offering a quiet and easy solution that will last for many years to come.  Our wardrobes come in fully or semi-framed options with finishing in glass, mirror, gyprock or timber.

Glass Services WA works with builder direct as trade specialists, as well as interior designers, renovators, and direct consumers. We can fit and install wardrobes to custom client needs and styles.

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